[Socrates] 10th Anniversary COIL Conference: Invitation and Call for Presentations due Feb 1

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Dear all,

Please see below for this exciting opportunity:

Both SUNY and CUNY faculty are eligible for the early bird discounted rate of $225 if you register before Feb 29. Queens College will be able to pay for a limited number of faculty but these spots will go fast- please let me know asap if you are interested. And, of course, proposals are encouraged.

The conference organizers have emphasized that they would welcome proposals from CUNY faculty and staff, and based on a recent survey CUNY conducted, we do have some people with COIL experience to share.  If you are looking to put together a panel, please feel free to contact me for help finding collaborators. Thank you!

Helen.Gaudette at qc.cuny.edu
Office of Global Education Initiatives
Queens College International Programs
King Hall 209

As Part of 2015's International Education Week, we are Pleased to Announce the
Invitation and Call for Presentations at the 10th Anniversary Conference for the SUNY COIL Center
[COILing Across a Decade: Reflections and New Directions]<http://cts.vresp.com/c/?SUNYCOILCenter/dde4e01320/b4f4747f44/0b17efb4a3>

When? April 25-26, 2016

Where? CUNY Graduate Center, 365 5th Ave., NYC
We thank CUNY for their sponsorship and hosting next year’s 10th anniversary COIL Conference

CFP Deadline? February 1, 2016

Questions? Please email COILConference at suny.edu<mailto:COILConference at suny.edu>

For more info about the Conference and Call for Presentations (CFP) please visit: http://coil.suny.edu/conference<http://cts.vresp.com/c/?SUNYCOILCenter/dde4e01320/b4f4747f44/368699443b>

The SUNY COIL Center's annual conference is the leading international event in the field and brings together 350+ professors, international programs staff, instructional technologists, and university and college administrators from SUNY, across the U.S. and around the world to share innovative models and best practices. The year's conference agenda will include sessions from both invited speakers as well as those resulting from our international Call for Presentations<http://cts.vresp.com/c/?SUNYCOILCenter/dde4e01320/b4f4747f44/dab8515443>. We greatly appreciate sponsorship from the City University of New York (CUNY) in providing facilities at their Graduate Center for SUNY's 10th anniversary COIL Conference thus allowing us to expand the number of attendees at this usually sold out event.

For a decade the SUNY COIL Center has been reimagining education as a globally networked phenomenon. Collaborative Online International Learning* links faculty across borders to co-create learning environments in which students gain valuable digital and cross-cultural competencies through collaboration with international peers. We have in parallel expanded the landscape of higher education institutions at SUNY, across the US and the world who are internationalizing their curricula by implementing the COIL model to benefit their students, as well as their faculty and staff.

Our own networks have grown from a handful of loosely participating campuses in 2006 to over 50 committed member institutions working to normalize this model. At this, our tenth anniversary conference, we gather together to reflect on the evolution of the field, to celebrate accomplishments, to welcome new practitioners to our networks, and to investigate what new directions the next ten years may bring.

*COIL is used to refer to pedagogical activities using technology to link classrooms and students in geographically distant locations through coursework. Other terms describing such activities are virtual exchange, virtual mobility, globally networked learning, telecollaboration, and online intercultural exchange.

[SUNY Center for Collaborative Online International Learning]<http://cts.vresp.com/c/?SUNYCOILCenter/dde4e01320/b4f4747f44/97a7ea1cad>

2016 COIL Conference Themes and Topics

  *   What Changes Hath Time Wrought? Reflections on COIL Initiatives/Courses Over the Years
  *   What Does the Next Decade Hold for COIL?
  *   Lessons Learnt from Growing, Embedding and Sustaining COIL
  *   Student Perspectives and Voices from COIL Exchanges and Experiences (accepted students will be offered complimentary conference registration)
  *   COILing for Employability: Teaching and Learning 21st Century skills
  *   Increasing the Impact: Global Citizenship and Social Justice through COIL
  *   Researching COIL: Theoretical Frameworks and Methodological Approaches
  *   Fostering, Assessing and Evaluating Competences in COIL-enhanced Courses
  *   Critical Incidents, Meltdowns and Teachable Moments in COIL-enhanced Courses
  *   COIL Anything: Engaging New Disciplines and Inter-Disciplines
  *   Bottom-Up or Top-Down: The Shape and Evolution of COIL Campus Initiatives. What Works?
  *   COIL, Virtual Exchange and Telecollaboration: Lessons Learnt and Evolving Practices
  *   Instructional Designers, International Programs and other Support in the Success of COIL
  *   COIL as a Vector for Increased Participation in Study Abroad and Internationalization Initiatives
  *   Making Pedagogically Informed Choices About Educational Technology in COIL


Call for Presentations

We invite proposals that broadly support this year's conference themes for presentations based upon research and/or reflective practice in a range of formats. Joint proposals, including those that represent the collaboration of inter- or intra- departmental and/or institutional teams, those which are designed to foster significant audience participation, or panels which bring in student perspectives, are particularly encouraged. Possible presentation types include:

  *   Panel Presentations
  *   Individual Presentations
  *   Working Group Roundtable Discussions
  *   Mini-Workshops and Hands-on Demos
  *   Pre-conference Workshops
Any session can be designed to include remote presenters via videoconference or other technologies. Be creative in proposing presentation formats, as alternative and innovative formats are highly encouraged.

Proposals are due February 1, 2016.

Detailed information and requirements for the CFP can be found on the conference website<http://cts.vresp.com/c/?SUNYCOILCenter/dde4e01320/b4f4747f44/77482493eb>.


Conference Registration and Hotel Information
Please join us for an engaging and lively series of presentations and discussions on international online learning environments. The 2011-2015 COIL Conferences filled to capacity. Registration will open on December 4, 2015. We recommend registering early to avoid disappointment. Early bird registration rates end February 29, 2016.
<http://cts.vresp.com/c/?SUNYCOILCenter/dde4e01320/b4f4747f44/6c8706247c>[State University of New York (SUNY)]<http://cts.vresp.com/c/?SUNYCOILCenter/dde4e01320/b4f4747f44/6c8706247c><http://cts.vresp.com/c/?SUNYCOILCenter/dde4e01320/b4f4747f44/6c8706247c>
Registration Deadlines and Rates (in US Dollars)



Early Bird Registration by February 29, 2016



Regular Registration after February 29, 2016



Note: In addition to check, credit cards and other forms of payment, registrants from SUNY member campuses can use CPD Training Points.

The COIL Center is arranging special hotel rates for attendees at locations convenient to the event which will be announced in late-December.


Conference Sponsors

We are grateful to our sponsors for their generous support to make the COIL Conference possible.

Lead Sponsor (Venue Sponsor)

[CUNY - City University of New York]<http://cts.vresp.com/c/?SUNYCOILCenter/dde4e01320/b4f4747f44/c0aae462c7>

We are pleased to offer the opportunity to partner with SUNY COIL Center as a conference sponsor. Please email COILConference at suny.edu<mailto:COILConference at suny.edu> for a sponsorship packet.




Please feel free to share info about our conference.
The Twitter #tag for the event is #COILCON
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For more information about the 10th Anniversary COIL Conference and CFP please visit: http://coil.suny.edu/conference<http://cts.vresp.com/c/?SUNYCOILCenter/dde4e01320/b4f4747f44/94cb1ad5c4>



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