[Socrates] Workshop: GeoGebra Institute of Queens @ CUNY Queens College, January 26, 2016

Jean Kelly Jean.Kelly at qc.cuny.edu
Mon Dec 21 14:08:18 EST 2015

The Center for Teaching & Learning invites you to participate in a workshop for GeoGebra. 

There are many software programs and internet websites or applets that are used as interactive tools for practicing Mathematics. Some technologies are easy to use but limited in capability, while others possess great capabilities and are difficult to use. GeoGebra, a tool for teaching and learning Math, is an open-source software with amazing capabilities, allowing users to work in several different areas of Mathematics such as Algebra and Geometry (hence the name GeoGebra), Probability, Statistics, and many others. Furthermore, GeoGebra is much more than a software package….it is an entire community built on collaboration! GeoGebra offers its software to non-commercial users for free, and provides users the opportunity to share their work online as web-applets, making dynamic files accessible for use and modification to all. 

Note: All participants are encouraged to bring a personal laptop computer to the workshop. It is advisable for participants to install GeoGebra software onto their laptops prior to arriving at the workshop. The Center for Teaching and Learning can provide a minimal amount of laptop computers for participants who do not have access to one, and desktop computers will also be available.

GeoGebra software can be accessed using the following link. Please make note of the operating system used by your individual machine, and make sure the version installed is 5.0:

GeoGebra software install: https://wiki.geogebra.org/en/Reference%3AGeoGebra_Installation

Presentation and Workshop: The uses of GeoGebra as an interactive technology for Mathematics teaching & learning
Workshop Presenter: Joe Pastore, CUNY Queens College Mathematics Lecturer, Director of the GeoGebra Institute of Queens, New York

Date: Tuesday, January 26, 2016
Time: 10 am – 3pm
Location: To be announced
(Note: Capacity currently limited to 15 participants)
Lunch will be provided by the Center for Teaching & Learning

RSVP: http://bit.ly/geogebra-workshop-jan2016

More information: https://ctl.qc.cuny.edu/geogebra-workshop-january-2016/

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