[Socrates] FW: INVITATION for survey of CUNY faculty use of cloud services, such as Microsoft 365, Google, Survey Monkey, and Dropbox

Michelle Fraboni Michelle.Fraboni at qc.cuny.edu
Fri Nov 9 17:22:15 EST 2018


Below is a message from the CUNY Faculty Cloud Advisory Group inviting CUNY faculty and staff to participate in a 5-minute survey requesting input on the use of cloud applications.  Answers will directly inform purchasing decisions and support provided.  Kindly forward and circulate widely! If you can’t bring yourself to read the entire email, just complete this brief survey https://goo.gl/VppAak.  Your input is very important and can influence decisions concerning Ed Tech support for CUNY faculty and staff.


Michelle C. Fraboni I Director I Center for Teaching & Learning <http://ctl.qc.cuny.edu/> I Lecturer I Dept. of Elementary & Early Childhood Education I Queens College <http://qc.cuny.edu/> – City University of New York 

On August 1st, CUNY made the Microsoft Office 365 for Education available to all faculty and staff at CUNY.     There is an ongoing effort to extend the range of applications and services and you will soon be learning of additional applications being made available to all.  In the meantime, we are surveying how faculty currently use the Microsoft Office 365 for Education applications and others, some of which are referred to as “cloud services”.  Please take approximately 6 minutes to complete this brief survey with only 12 simple items.  Your input is very important and can influence decisions concerning Ed Tech support for CUNY faculty and staff.
Below are some examples of how existing Microsoft Office 365 for Education can and has been used:
• Working with colleagues on committees 
• Doing research with colleagues in CUNY and beyond CUNY 
• Working with students on course work 
• Doing research with students 
• Interviewing candidates as part of the Search Process 
• For storing and moving files between workplace and home 
Please just click on  this link to the brief survey .
Please circulate this invitation to your colleagues at your college as best you can.
We thank you for your effort and assistance.
CUNY Faculty Cloud Policy Advisory Group:
Philip Pecorino (QCC, UFS)
Greet Van Belle (York)
Scott Dexter (Brooklyn)
Christopher Stein (BMCC)
Original email 8-1-18
Dear CUNY Faculty and Staff,
CUNY is pleased to provide its active faculty and staff members an expanded “Microsoft Office 365 for Education” suite, which includes cloud solutions for storing, sharing, and synching work files with students, faculty and staff from a variety of devices. This suite offers the following new tools for business collaboration: OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, Yammer and Skype for Business. OneDrive for Business, the cloud storage solution, will allow you to update and share files from multiple devices and work collaboratively on a document at the same time. You will also receive 1 TB of free storage.
You can now access Microsoft Office 365 for Education applications through various channels, either by clicking on the links below or entering them manually:
• The Microsoft Office 365 for Education icon on the Technology Service pages for faculty or for staff; 
• www.cuny.edu/office365ed (the web page devoted to Microsoft Office 365 for Faculty and Staff, which provides links to Microsoft video tutorials on setting up and using the applications as well as FAQs); 
• login.microsoftonline.com; or 
• portal.office.com 
You will then be directed to a login page, which will prompt you to use your CUNY Login (your username,e.g., Jane.Doe## @login.cuny.edu and CUNYfirst password).
In order to protect data from unauthorized access, please review the new policy for the Acceptable Use of Microsoft Office 365 for Education. This policy was drafted by CUNY’s Cloud Advisory Group, which includes representatives from the University’s faculty, legal, technology communities, to help ensure that usage is consistent with University policies on privacy, intellectual property and computing resources acceptable use. I hope that you find these new applications useful to your work at CUNY.
Brian Cohen
Vice Chancellor and University CIO

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