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QC Colleagues:
Please see below for an important message regarding CUNY's proposed cloud computing policy, which is attached to this email. You will want to pay close attention to the Appendix, which lists example tools (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, Survey Monkey) that are not on CUNY's approved list, as well as the penalties that might result from using these or other unauthorized tools (e.g. disciplinary action). As it is written, the policy stands to restrict the tools we use to teach students and conduct research.

If you would like to provide your thoughts about this draft policy, you can leave them in this form as soon as possible: https://goo.gl/forms/GswGGRvV5v3ayWcy1.
Responses will be collected and shared with the UFS and the Committee on Academic Technology (CAT). 

Best - 

Michelle C. Fraobni
Director, Queens College Center for Teaching & Learning

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From: "Philip A. Pecorino" <noreply at gc.cuny.edu>
Date: Wednesday, March 14, 2018 at 1:26 PM
To: Michelle Fraboni <Michelle.Fraboni at qc.cuny.edu>
Subject: (CUNY Committee on Academic Technology - Forum) Draft of Proposed CUNY Cloud Policy


CUNY is proposing a policy on use of cloud services for the CUNY BOT to adopt.  In its current form it will restrict faculty ability to choose what applications they would use in the classrooms, with their students, in their research and in their creative work involving the relevant technologies.

You will want to take a careful look at the list of prohibited applications at the end in the appendix (and below) and all of section 6 which indicates penalties for faculty who use authorized applications.

Faculty presently do use all of the unauthorized applications on the current list but they use others as well that are probably not going to have the approval of the University.

The policy proposed makes faculty liable for penalties that might result from the use of an authorized applications and subjects faculty to disciplinary action.

The UFS is preparing a statement on behalf of CUNY faculty indicating why faculty whose professional responsibilities as scholars, artists and educators require them to explore and develop and create new research and new teaching modalities and instruments in the effort to improve on the efficacy of instruction and to further knowledge of pedagogic techniques, instrumentations and services. We shall develop such a statement much further with input from faculty throughout CUNY for presentation to those who make the decisions.  We are gathering responses from faculty throughout CUNY to the proposed language in this attached draft.  We will present the results as a document with the responses redacting the names of the authors and with a preface that indicates the principle points raised and the most frequent comments made to those in CUNY who are drafting this policy.

Please send me your comments and criticisms and suggestions, etc..  mailto:ppecorino at qcc.cuny.edu  Time is short on this however.

There is also the non-exclusive option for the CAT itself developing its own statement on this draft.


Philip A. Pecorino, Ph.D.
CUNY University Faculty Senate


The following cloud services and applications are NOT approved for University Activity.  This listing is meant to serve only as a partial list.  As noted in the CUNY Cloud Computing Policy, any application or service that has not been expressly approved in accordance with University procedures should be assumed to be not approved:
• Dropbox 
• iCloud 
• Amazon Cloud Drive 
• Google Drive 
• SurveyMonkey 
• MailChimp 

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