[Socrates] Korean “Comfort Women”: Lecture and Viewing of 'Spirits’ Homecoming' Movie - Thursday, Sep 29th@ 11:30AM to 3PM & Monday, Oct 3rd from 3PM to 5:30PM

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Dear all,

On behalf of the Year of Korea program, I am very excited to invite you all to join our next event:

Korean “Comfort Women”: Lecture and Viewing of 'Spirits’ Homecoming' Movie

Day 1: Thursday, September 29th @ Rosenthal Library - Room 230

11:30AM to 12:15PM: Lecture by Prof. Pyong Gap Min & Film Discussion by Mr. Jung-Lai Cho, Director, writer and producer.

12:15PM to 1:00PM: Pizza, drinks & chat

1:00PM to 3:00PM: Screening of 'Spirits’ Homecoming' Movie

Day 2: Monday, October 3rd @ Kiely Hall - Room 170

3:00PM to 3:30PM: Film Discussion by Mr. Jung-Lai Cho, Director, writer and producer.
3:30PM to 5:30PM: Screening of 'Spirits’ Homecoming' Movie

Background of Viewing of 'Spirits’ Homecoming' Movie:

This film is very significant in Korea because it is a fictional depiction of World War II history, where the Japanese Military used young Korean women as sexual slaves called “Comfort Women.” Recently, the governments of Japan and Korea reached resolutions of the “Comfort Women” issue. But civic organizations were never satisfied with the resolutions and thus the redress movement continues. Mr. Jung-Lai Cho was a volunteer at the House of Sharing, an organization created to take care of survivors of the Comfort Women system. It took Mr. Cho ten years to complete his film with funding from the public. It debuted in February of this year in Korea, and had a huge impact at the box office. The director has said in interviews that his goal is to tell the story of what happened to the women, not to disparage Japanese culture.

Prof. Pyong Gap Min, from the QC's Sociology Department is currently writing a book on the redress movement for the victims of Japanese military sexual slavery.

I am really  looking forward to see you all there!



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