[Socrates] QC Voices - Writing at Queens

Joshua T Rivenbark Joshua.Rivenbark at qc.cuny.edu
Tue Oct 25 09:29:05 EDT 2016

QC Voices<http://qcvoices.qwriting.qc.cuny.edu/> (qcvoices.qwriting.qc.cuny.edu) features ten Queens College students blogging about their passions, politics, and pleasures.

Shenelle Ali on Immigrant Experience
Christina Cardona on Queens Culture
Caden Forman on Activism
Paul DeFilippo on Hip Hop & Media
Tamar Lichter on Math & Computer Science
Kevon Manners on Race & Social Justice
Treasan Martindale on Hidden NYC
Ammirah Lune on Muslim American Perspectives
Yoni Rabinovitch on Futurology
Adrianna Srinnian on Politics

QC Voices publishes daily articles by this team of talented writers, offering fresh perspectives on topics that matter. On QC Voices, you might read about the role hip hop has played in the Presidential election or an indoor rainforest in NYC. You might be asked, "Are you racist?" or "What do you care about?" You might learn about proposals for a universal basic income or what the Eid holiday means to Muslims living in the U.S.

We encourage you to add QC Voices to your bookmarks and to follow QC Voices on Facebook<https://www.facebook.com/QCVoicesNow/> (Facebook.com/QCVoicesNow) and Twitter<https://twitter.com/qcvoices> (twitter.com/qcvoices). Contact Professor Jason Tougaw (English) for more information: jason.toguaw at qc.cuny.edu<mailto:jason.toguaw at qc.cuny.edu>.

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