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My name is Aryan Jabbari.  I work at the Queens College Tech Incubator where we want to create a tech community at Queens College.

In an effort to do so, students at the Queens College Tech Incubator take courses outside the scope of the Queens College curriculum, including online courses.  Coursera has an online course on a very important web framework: Ruby on Rails.  In an effort to learn this important framework, we will have a study group every Thursday starting Thursday, October 1, 2015 in CEP Hall 2 (near the Student Union) based on this class: https://www.coursera.org/learn/ruby-on-rails-intro/home/welcome.  Additionally, we would like to run a parallel study group on Mondays or Wednesdays (probably during free hour).

All computer science students at Queens College are invited to join our study group (undergraduate or graduate).  Additionally, if enough students are interested in a study group on Monday or Wednesday, please ask them to email Aryan.Jabbari21 at qmail.cuny.edu<mailto:Aryan.Jabbari21 at qmail.cuny.edu>.  Can you please forward this message to our computer science undergraduate and graduate students? Thank you so much!

To reiterate:
WHAT: Ruby on Rails<https://www.coursera.org/learn/ruby-on-rails-intro/> study group
WHEN: Every Thursday at 2pm starting October 1, 2015 (students interested in Mondays / Wednesdays, please email Aryan.Jabbari21 at qmail.cuny.edu<mailto:Aryan.Jabbari21 at qmail.cuny.edu>)
WHERE: CEP Hall 2 (near the Student Union)
FOR WHO: Anyone interested!
REQUIREMENTS: A laptop. Students must finish that week's course lectures before going to the study group

Aryan Jabbari
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