[Socrates] QC Voices: Seven Queens College student blogging collaboratively

Cecilia B Britez Cecilia.Britez at qc.cuny.edu
Thu Oct 22 16:42:17 EDT 2015

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Dear students, faculty, and staff,

QC Voices<http://qcvoices.qwriting.org/> is an evolving experiment that started with a handful of Queens College students writing about their interests and experiences. This year, QC Voices represents a range of campus communities in some new ways.

Seven Queens College student bloggers contribute to a single, collaborative publication:

  *   Tamara Lichter on Math in Plain English
  *   Virginia Lee on Do-It-Yourself Projects
  *   Scott Kapuchinski on Education and Multilingualism
  *   Adrianna Srininian on Living in Italy with a Political Mind
  *   Tony Reid on Travel and Study Abroad
  *   Christina Cardona on Exploring Queens
  *   Yoni Rabinovitch on Humans of QC

Take a look and subscribe now to QC Voices<http://qcvoices.qwriting.org/> <http://qcvoices.qwriting.org/<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001vZ8UfECbBsWLn9pl7vDNkxDVmzlQdFU5fsmx8V-GPEiMGFVWqt05FHDklctvBXLYX_mb3fZqZqy7WVyzTNbZ3rub6lcehW1JJqExkJ_1xWULIuBNWeEhS1gx_jXcAuuc>>. Consider sharing links with friends, colleagues, or students who may be interested. Like QC Voices on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/QCVoicesNow.

Jason Tougaw
Associate Professor, English

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