[Socrates] New Faculty Orientation, Thursday, January 29

Rowena Li Rowena.Li at qc.cuny.edu
Mon Jan 12 13:40:04 EST 2015

>From the Center for Teaching & Learning and the Office of the Provost:

The Center for Teaching & Learning and the Office of the Provost are pleased to invite you to an orientation for new faculty, Things You Need to Know to Teach at Queens.

Thursday, January 29 (3-5pm)
President's Conference Rooms 1 and 2
Rosenthal Library, fifth floor
Representatives from around campus will discuss resources and services you need to know about in your new capacity as faculty:

  *            Using library resources
  *            Accessing instructional technologies
  *            Teaching online
  *            Reporting attendance and grades
  *            Encouraging academic integrity
  *            Seeking professional development opportunities
  *            Teaching large classes
  *            Resources for your students you should know about

Please join us on January 29 for information, conversation, and some refreshments. We encourage you to bring along a colleague: a full-time faculty member, a not-new adjunct, or your department chair. Simply share this email, and ask your colleague to RSVP.

To help us better plan the event, please RSVP at http://bit.ly/nfo_s15<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001zPWuixG0-iKuyz-JInf4s_wwgLC0qZIpguQtbopgxoPHr6ej8Wxv8YPJuhQR3tMEtNO6Z5uew_tvo8z4toTx0i1NvknNPVtcYuonSOIJQ-dN65ee13WAwyn2gTKQKSqic0eW6XS6QOwnWz06-_bsQAB8rWrak_LoFzxG-ZBX-Zc=&c=mnh6tTzXmj9rh8vcvSekXPpkcqD5YiMNJlTU7Zk4TYGBYyZVXVpkNA==&ch=mlTUxwSFsmmUyS1Lv59goFmdlZEA4Mu46wjPTkWYMQC4xdQoIdCxqg==>.

We prefer to have you join us in person, but if this date/time does not work for you, you're invited to join us virtually. (Webcast information is on the RSVP form above.)

For questions, please contact Rowena Li at rowena.li at qc.cuny.edu<mailto:rowena.li at qc.cuny.edu> or Jean Kelly at jean.kelly at qc.cuny.edu<mailto:jean.kelly at qc.cuny.edu>.

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