[Socrates] This Wednesday: South African playwright gives campus wide talk

Joshua T Rivenbark Joshua.Rivenbark at qc.cuny.edu
Mon Feb 9 15:11:04 EST 2015

Dear Colleagues,

I am sending along a reminder about the exciting talk that will take place this Wednesday during free hour in The Little Theatre, King Hall 115.  Amy Jephta and her husband Sanjin Muftic have been working with students and faculty, and the work is going great. Please join us Wednesday as Amy discusses South African theatre, the use of space in theatre, and the work that has been facilitated with our students.

A flyer is attached. You may also find more information at http://southafrica.qc.cuny.edu/legacy/

More information about Amy and Sanjin can be found here: amyjephta.com<http://www.amyjephta.com/>, sanjinmuftic.tumblr.com<http://www.sanjinmuftic.tumblr.com/>

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask (joshua.rivenbark at qc.cuny.edu).

Thank you, and have a great semester,


Tyler Rivenbark, Projects Coordinator
Center for Teaching and Learning | 718-997-4650
Writing at Queens | 718-997-4695
Razran Hall, 316 | Queens College, CUNY
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