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John Dennehy john.dennehy at qc.cuny.edu
Thu Dec 3 16:30:07 EST 2015

The Office of Undergraduate Research is pleased to announce Jessica
Buthmann, Masters in Behavioral Neuroscience, Queens College, CUNY, as our
site’s most recent Student Profile. She was selected for her dedication to
research in her field and a great representative of the great works that
continues to done by our students at Queens. We congratulate Jessica on all
that she has achieved and wish her the best in future endeavors.

Read more about the research Jessica Buthmann
<http://ougr.qc.cuny.edu/portfolio/jessica-buthmann/> is currently working
on and her invaluable advice she has to undergraduate researchers.

Web address: ougr.qc.cuny.edu/portfolio/jessica-buthmann

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