[Socrates] Starring South Africa! Short Course lecture this Thursday

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Dear all,

Please join us for the third lecture of our Short Course on South Africa
this week.  Film scholars Noah Tsika (Media Studies, QC) and Paula Massood
(Brooklyn College) will discuss South Africa’s cinematic tradition from the
1950s to the present.  Please also announce it to your students - it should
be a fascinating lecture!

*Starring South Africa: Apartheid and Its Aftermath on the Silver Screen*

*Paula Massood* (Brooklyn College) &
*Noah Tsika *(Queens College)

*Thursday December 11*
*Godwin-Ternbach Museum (405 Klapper Hall)*

>From the artistic prohibitions of apartheid to the country’s current role
as one of the world’s leading producers of popular media, South Africa has
witnessed a range of cinematic practices over the past century. In this
presentation, Professor Paula Massood of Brooklyn College and Professor
Noah Tsika of Queens College will provide an overview of South African film
from the 1950s to the present.  With particular attention to the creative
contributions of such stars as Miriam Makeba and Hugh Masekela, Professors
Massood and Tsika will examine aspects of South Africa’s cinematic
imaginary as it has developed against considerable odds.  Once isolated
from the dominant circuits of commercial cinema, South Africa is now the
home of a media conglomerate that broadcasts thousands of films across the
African continent, and it serves as a shooting location for an increasing
number of international productions.

*Starring South Africa*:

Short Course on South Africa:

Year of South Africa: http://southafrica.qc.cuny.edu

Apologies for cross-posting!

All the best,

Larissa Swedell

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