[Socrates] "Goodbye Brazil"

Eglis E Fernandez Eglis.Fernandez at qc.cuny.edu
Tue Nov 12 13:56:02 EST 2013

Dear Clubs and NGO's

Please join us tomorrow for this event:

Goodbye Brazil
Émigrés from the Land of Soccer & Samba
Maxine L. Margolis
12-1:30 PM

Please join Dr. Maxine L. Margolis in a conversation
about the millions of Brazilian émigrés living abroad.
Her recent book, 'Goodbye Brazil' is the first study to
provide a global perspective on Brazilian emigration,
examining how Brazilian immigrants, largely from the
middle rungs of Brazilian society, have negotiated their
ethnic identity outside Brazil.
Maxine L. Margolis is Professor Emerita of Anthropology at the
University of Florida and Adjunct Senior Research Scholar at the
Institute for Latin American Studies at Columbia University.

See attachment for more details!


Latin American & Latino Studies

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