[Socrates] Queens College Offers a New 3-Credit Course Elective - Introduction to Leadership

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Denise, et al.,
Please note that there is a prerequisite for this course: "Permission of 
the program director of BALA".

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[Socrates] Queens College Offers a New 3-Credit Course Elective - 
Introduction to Leadership

Happy New Year All:
Queens College has added a new 3 credit elective:  Introduction to 
Leadership  for the Spring 2013 semester
The course is being taught by Denise Miller who teaches [or has taught] 
BUS 160W, BALA 165 and Media Studies 165.  Although the course is offered 
through the BALA program it is open to all Queens College students 
regardless of major or minor. 

This is an advanced course [level 300] but there are no prerequisites to 
registtartion for the course. Please fee free to e-mail me at this e-mail 
address or at dmillerqcprof at aol.com with any questions about specific 

The Course Description follows:

Course Description:  Topics in Business ? Leadership

You are a leader!  You have influence!  Someone, at some time, follows 
your example or suggestions! 
he strong demand for excellent leadership in all organizations, at all 
levels, demands that we all strategically develop ourselves as leaders. 
More than ?being in charge? or exerting influence, leaders ? effective 
leaders - create positive change for the greater organizational or the 
community good. 

This course will briefly review the history of leadership and then explore 
leadership styles, leadership theories and how both can be seen in today?s 
teams and organizations.  The course also will define general leadership 
characteristics and competencies.   Finally, the course will review and 
discuss leadership issues in the news along with some classic leadership 
issues that organizations and teams have faced. 

In this course, students will assess their own current leadership skills 
and competencies and they will develop personal plans to further develop 
their leadership capabilities. Students will also review and discuss 
Leadership Case Studies and they will be given the opportunity to explore 
and apply their acquired knowledge to Leadership Dilemmas.  Students will 
review and discuss items reported on in the Washington Post Leadership 
pages as well as the videos posted in the Business section of TED Talks

Please feel free to contact me at this e-mail address or at 
dmillerqcprof at aol.com  if you have any questions about the course.

If you would like to register, the course details for registration are:

The specifics of the course are:  Course Number:  BALA 3983 - 01   VT: 
Special Topics in Business  CUNYFirst Class number:  8631 Meeting 
Day/Time/Room:  Monday - 3:05 - 5:55 PM - Honors Hall Room 17.

I hope that you are all well and I would love to have you or your students 
and advisees participate in this new and exciting course!

Have an excellent week and again, a very Happy New Year!
Denise Miller
Denise L. Miller
Adjunct Lecturer, 
Economics Department/BALA Program
Queens College, The City University of New York
Alternate e-mail: dmillerqcprof at aol.com
Voice mail: 718.997.5458

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