[Socrates] request your help in recruiting students for January Field Work Experiences

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Thu Dec 13 17:50:41 EST 2012

Dear Colleagues,

This January we are piloting our first  Field Work effort: 

I need your help in recruiting interested students for these experiences.

In the three week period form January 7- January 25 students will test and 
apply knowledge through internships, community service, research, or 
career-related experiences. 
Offerings  will include the following: 
1.  Team work on one of six consulting based projects with faculty mentors 
and a nationally recognized consulting group. Each selected student in 
addition to invaluable experience, will receive a $300 stipend and a 
personal commendation by the co-organizer of the Consulting projects and 
CEO Len Schutzman Associates, QC Alum,  Len Schutzman ( QC '67)
2. Meet exceptional leaders in the fields of investment banking, finance, 
and investor relations through World of Work Site visits to Goldman Sachs, 
Brown Brothers Harriman, Tiffany's, Fitch Ratings and others through the 
January -February inception of the World of Work site visit project. 
Sign up and background information is available  for the consulting 
projects and the World Of Work site visits through the site: . 

(Deadlines for registering interest is end of December for the Consulting 
projects and January for the site visits)
3.  Additionally, undergraduate research experiences through active 
research labs on campus selected for participation.
I very much appreciate your help in getting the word out to students.


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