[CUNY2011] Mayfest 2011

Kate Harrigan kateharrigan6 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 13:37:36 EDT 2011

Hello all,

The Mayfest committee at the University of Maryland is happy to
announce the upcoming Mayfest event
titled "The Interpretation of Pronouns". Details regarding the event
can be found below. Those interested should also vist the event
webpage (http://ling.umd.edu/events/mayfest/2011/) for the list of
invited speakers and the registration form.

Please feel free to distribute this email to others in your
departments who may be interested. For organizational purposes, we ask
that you register at your soonest possible convenience if you will be
attending the event. This can be done here:

Thank you in advance for your help!
The Mayfest Committee (Dustin Alfonso Chacón, Alex Drummond, Kate
Harrigan, Sol Lago & Daniel Parker)
<mayfest2011umd at gmail.com>

Mayfest 2011

Every year the graduate students of the Linguistics Department of the
University of Maryland organize a linguistics workshop focusing on a
different aspect of language. The goal of this year's Mayfest is to
discuss how the interpretation of pronouns impacts our theories of
syntax, semantics, pragmatics, acquisition, and processing.

Pronouns serve as tools of reference, and as markers of semantic and
syntactic dependencies. In either role, their interpretation is guided
by complex constraints, both grammatical and extralinguistic. The
talks at this year's Mayfest, each in a distinct way, will explore
these constraints. What are they, how does their expression develop in
the child, and how are they deployed in real-time processing? Bringing
together scholars from diverse subfields, we hope to foster discussion
of how answers to each of these questions might inform the others,
advancing an integrated perspective.

The workshop will be held May 6-7 on the College Park Campus of the
University of Maryland in the Maryland Room of Marie Mount Hall.
Mayfest 2011 has no registration fee and we welcome all visitors to
the workshop; however, for organizational purposes we do ask all
guests to register.

We urge you to book hotel rooms as soon as possible. Note that as
College Park is metro accessible, guests may be able to find suitable
accommodation in DC. Students are also offering a limited amount of
crash space. Please see our accommodation page for more information

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